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Top 5 secrets to have an amazing trip every time

Top 5 secrets to have an amazing trip every time

 There are a few secrets to have an amazing trip every time, instead of a mediocre one. Of course, the miscellaneous can happen and you can totally get blind-sighted by this, but let’s focus on the things that you can control. With the first one being, planning ahead.




Top 5 secrets to have an amazing trip every time
Regardless of if you’re traveling solo or with friends (check out our article on solo travel vs group travel), thoroughly or even roughly planning out your travels, put you in the right direction of having an amazing trip. After you’ve done your research on the destination of choice, choose all the things that you definitely would like to do, all the things you want to see and all the food you’d like to try. Place these on a list in the form of either an itinerary or a checklist. They won’t feel like chores if they are all things that you’d love to do. Oh… Don’t forget your camera!



Be Flexible

Planning ahead is one thing, but tasking yourself with an activity for every hour of every day is not recommended, regardless of how many things you’d like to get done. Once you’ve become bombarded with all these activities to be done, it will feel more like work than vacation. If you’re planning to do many things in a short period of time, that means, you won’t have time to rest or to be spontaneous on your trip. Give yourself some leeway to experience things that weren’t planned. Those are often the best memories.



The Local’s Language

Top 5 secrets to have an amazing trip every time
Now, of course, it helps to know what the locals are saying in the country that you’re traveling to. Familiarize yourself with local phrases and terms. That will help you to receive services smoothly and raise the chances of you meeting someone new. Not familiarizing yourself with their language beforehand will definitely put a bit of a strain on your experience.



Pre-Plan Your Outfits

You’ll regret not putting more effort into your outfit when you look back at the photos, days, months or even years after. When you pre-plan your outfits, the pictures and the moment become more memorable. When you feel good and look good, you’ll feel a bit more confident in the moment and…who doesn’t love a cute picture when showing friends and family the pictures from your travels?



Split Up Your Sources Of Money

Top 5 secrets to have an amazing trip every time
It doesn’t matter where you’re from, the language you speak, or if you pour milk before cereal. No one wants to lose all their money at once. No one wants to lose money at all, but losing it all at once would be a definite buzz kill on your trip. So we recommend that you don’t keep your credit/debit cards and cash in the same spot.
Take some cash from out of your wallet or purse and place it elsewhere. Your cards can go in a totally separate spot too if you’ve got many different places where you can put stuff. I wouldn’t recommend leaving all your cards and IDs in your wallet or purse either. We would hate for you to lose everything of such value all at once!
Follow these steps, and every trip should be an amazing one!
This concludes our tips and secrets to having an amazing trip every time. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this, share with your friends. If you would like a part two, let us know via email or even by direct messaging on our social media networks. I really appreciate you guys… Until next time!



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