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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Solo Travel

Why You Should NOT Solo Travel

Cons Of Solo Travel


 Disclaimer: This is by no means an attempt to badger solo travel and solo travelers alike. This is a totally unbiased article on the disadvantages of solo travel. We recently wrote about all the benefits and the reasons why one should solo travel. So we thought that if we were going to remain unbiased, then we must highlight the cons as well.
Check out our article on, solo travel vs group travel to really see what we spoke about.

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Why You Should NOT Solo Travel

Let’s kick-start this one off with one from our friend, Patti of Luggage and Lipstick, check out her website here. She says “Traveling solo has so many pros, but the one con that impacts me is that I get lonely on extended trips. I’m a social person, so I miss having someone to talk to and to share experiences with amazing experiences and sights. I find myself thinking, “I wish Kary (my boyfriend) were here to see this!” There’s also no one to reminisce about the experience afterward. Also, I don’t like eating alone – I’m not self-conscious about it, I just get bored, so I’d rather get take-out or room service. That’s the bottom line – I never get sad or depressed traveling solo as some do; I just get bored.”

As we stated in our article, ‘Which Is Better, Solo travel or Group travel‘, loneliness can be a con, depending on where you go, why you took that trip and your personality on a whole. Check out our ‘solo travel vs group travel‘ article here for more insight.

This same reason was an issue for Megan as well, where she said “One of my favorite aspects of traveling is the memories that are made along the way. When traveling solo you don’t really get to share those memories with anyone. For me, the experience is so much better when you get to do it alongside friends and family.”



Old Relationships

Why You Should NOT Solo Travel

The second point came from another well known and knowledgable solo traveler, Anna from over by She says “Like everything in life there are many cons of solo travel too. But if I have to pick one I would say, it would be not being able to manage your relationship properly. You miss out on family time, your friends’ special days and your loved ones too. Even though you may like to be there for them but you can’t or the $900 flight makes not much sense every year! Especially long term solo travels are harder and it is not cut out for everybody but with some patience and know-how you should be okay.”

This will surely give you a few things to think about when planning on solo traveling. Relationships between you and your loved ones are important. Find a way that doesn’t force you to compromise any of those bonds. If money is what the problem is, check out our article on “5 ways how to make money while traveling the world.“



Why You Should NOT Solo Travel


You might not find yourself, singling out all these cons if you’re new to solo traveling but with experienced travelers such as, Bob Bales from, you’ll realize some. Bob says “I travel alone a lot and have done so for years both Internationally and domestically. While I don’t mind traveling alone there are some disadvantages. One disadvantage is that it is easier to become a target for crime while traveling alone. Whether it is a pickpocket, street crime, dishonest taxi driver or something else, people traveling alone present a better target for those wishing to take advantage of them. As a result, you need to be a little more aware of your surroundings. Whether it is at the hotel you are staying at, the side streets you decide to explore or traveling on public transport, you are alone with no one looking out of for you. In other words, getting drunk and stumbling back to your hotel at 2 am is never a good idea but it becomes a lot worse when you are by yourself.”

Again, we mentioned this in our “Solo travel vs Group travel” article. These experiences are from solo travelers that have been doing this for years. Be responsible and know how to not make yourself a target when traveling solo. Check out our “Benefits of solo travel” article, where we listed tips, etc on how to solo travel.


Playing it Safe

Another con of solo travel, that hasn’t been talked about as much but a pretty important point, that was brought up by Alexis, from SheJustLeft, check out her Youtube channel here. She says,”I feel that one of the cons of solo travel may be the traveler not getting to really experience a country in depth. When I first started traveling solo I would stay at hotels and AirBnBs that were close to the main tourist areas and attractions. I played it safe and limited myself to only going to the popular touristy places. I’ve met solo travelers who did the same because it made them feel safe. Once I started staying at hostels I met so many like-minded people who really wanted to get out and explore. I’ve learned there are different layers to cities and countries and sometimes it takes stepping off of the beaten path to really see a country for all it’s worth.”

If you think about it, you’ll realize that she has a point. Check out our tips on how to solo travel.


New Relationships

 Raquel highlights that”Being a solo traveler means you’ll always need to say goodbye. You decided to be on your own but on a journey you will meet people, for a day, a week or even some hours, and they will be part of a unique moment of your life. They will become your best friend, maybe your brother, a lover, sometimes even your mom, but at some point you HAVE to say goodbye, with the doubt that you are ever going to see each other again.
I never bother about the loneliness, I don’t really feel lonely during my journey, but sometimes you have the need to share some special moments with someone that you love. You learned how to be by yourself and enjoy your company, you love the fact of meeting new people every day, but there are some special moments that I would like to share with those I love.
Now writing that, it’s hard also to make people that you love, understand the fact that you decided to go on a trip by yourself and you are truly happy about it.”

Feel free to link up with Raquel over at her Instagram account here.


Group Deals

We are going to give you a bonus point, coming straight from our recent article ‘Solo travel vs Group travel‘. When traveling solo, you miss out on all the group deals. This would make your trip a lot cheaper if you plan on traveling on a budget. There are group deals at restaurants, for museums, amusement parks, for accommodations, etc.
Traveling on a budget does not suit solo traveling well, however, it’s not impossible. We are launching our first E-Book soon, on our method on how to travel the world for free and cheap. Both methods included with tips and an email template. Subscribe to stay up to date so you know when our book has gone live.
I hope this opened your eyes to the cons of solo travel. I’d like to give a big thank you to all the solo travelers that contributed to this article.
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