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5 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Everyone

5 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Everyone

 The fact that there is a question of IF traveling is good for anyone/ everyone is quite a dilemma in my opinion. One of our favorite quotes from Oberyn Martell, Game Of Thrones is, “It is a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be most of us.” I completely agree with what the Prince said, hence we’ve decided to give 5 reasons why traveling is good for everyone…Not purely because the Prince said that 👀.. but because the question is being asked. 😊



Find Yourself


The first of 5 reasons why traveling is good for everyone is that it helps you to get to know yourself or find yourself, if you will. When traveling, people tend to find out new things about themselves, new passions that they didn’t know that they had. When you don’t travel, experience, awareness and your overall perspective is limited. Exploring new places, people and culture can be exactly what you need to broaden your perspective, see the bigger picture and help you to go through whatever difficulty you may be facing at the moment, no matter the crisis. A wise man once said, “Travel is like the Panadol for mid-life crisis” and we agree.


Confidence, Mental & Emotional Health

 5 Reasons why traveling is good for everyone


The second point follows nicely from our first point and that is, travel enhances mental and emotional health. That’s a big deal! Traveling helps you to get over your natural anxiety and impatience by throwing you out of your comfort zone. When you travel to a country for the first time, a completely unfamiliar environment, you are forced to adapt to the unfamiliar and you’ll realize that your fear and anxiety was all in your head. These experiences will shape you into a mentally and emotionally stronger individual. Once you’ve adapted to the many different factors of a new environment, you’ll feel the change or increase of confidence in yourself



Reduces Stress

Reduce Stress - 5 Reasons why traveling is good for everyone

The third reason is the reason most people take vacations in the first place, whether you’re a die hard traveler or not, and that is stress reduction. On an article I read way back, it stated that in a study, 80% of subjects’ stress levels decreased after only 1-2 days on a trip where you even had to walk and sight-see for hours. If a couple days can bring such significant changes then, what would a week or 2 weeks of constant travel do for you? I’m sure listing the disadvantages of stress on the mind and body is not needed. One might return from a trip, so stress free, they seem like a completely happier and different person, so much that your friends start asking questions. One very good destination for this is The Philippines. Check out our featured article by Jess Dales, “The Philippines: 10 Day Island Hopping Adventure“




Networking- 5 Reasons why traveling is good for everyone

The fourth of 5 reasons why traveling is good for everyone is that it creates meaningful relationships. Now, this is by no means me telling you that the relationships you’ve made at home are of no value. The people you meet while on the road become destinations on the atlas for you to visit later on. They give you a glimpse outside of your local circle, give you a solid reason to travel to a different country and force a refreshing perspective upon you. Ultimately you’ll realize that everyone is the same no matter the location, culture and beliefs. They are just strangers, humans that you haven’t gotten to know as yet is all. That’s how I see it anyway!



Boosts Your Creativity

The fifth and final of the 5 reasons why traveling is good for everyone is that travel boosts your creativity. Even though creativity has some correlation to good mental health, that is however not the focus of this point. Whether it’s for work or hobby, one can often lack motivation or just come to a mental block that hampers them from moving forward and excelling. Authors and artists (painters) usually travel before a project or during a mental block. Just experiencing a new culture will help you to build ideas when you see how people interact or just by setting sights on something new.
New experiences are invaluable, and to fully adapt to a completely new experience, you subconsciously become more creative. You literally feel your life under your skin,  buzzing, when you step out of your comfort zone and do something new for the first time.
When’s the last time you did something for the first time? Live a little, for the good of you.

Aaand that’s it!. If you have further questions or feel as if you might need a part 2 to this topic. Let us know!

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